Casualty Restoration Consultants Inc.

Public Insurance Adjusters for PA & NJ

Casualty Restoration Consultants Inc. is a unique company providing specialized services for residential and commercial clients. We are licensed and bonded public insurance adjusters for both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We specialize in the use of infrared thermography to pinpoint and maxamize your home inspection needs. Scroll over the image below to see how Thermal Imaging can see the damage not visible to the naked eye that you, your Insurance Co. and our Competitors will not see. Click here to more!

Scroll over the image below to see how thermal imaging can see the invisible damage the insurance company misses! Click the image to see more from a sample home inspection!

Serving the Public in Pennsylvania & New Jersey

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Accidents Happen

Let Casualty Restoration Consultants Inc. handle your claim and take the stress out of dealing with insurance companies and paperwork.

Insurance Companies…

...have their own adjusters working to save them as much money as possible. Who do you have representing you?

Our Competitors…

Contact us to add our unique Thermal Imaging to further document and broaden their scope of damages!

United Infrared Certified

Casualty Restoration Consultants Inc. has thermographers trained and certified by United Infrared, Inc.

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